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About Dencon

The practice of Dencon Surveying Pty Ltd commenced operation in 1991. The principal, Steven Denning formed the company in association with Lockley, Garvin & Partners, a partnership which was later dissolved in 1995. An association with Michael Lockley & Associates continued until 2001. In 2002 Dencon Surveying formed an association with Garvin Morgan & Company and Omnicad Consultancy Services.

Quality Policy

It is the policy of Dencon Surveying Pty Ltd to consistently provide a service and information to our clients that meets their expectations and needs. To ensure confidence is maintained throughout our full range of services, Dencon is committed to:

  • adhering to “Surveying and Spatial Information Regulation 2012 under the Surveying and Spatial Information Act 2002". The Regulation deals with the duties of surveyors and the procedures and standards in relation to different types of surveys;
  • implementing systems and procedures that ensure efficiency and accuracy;
  • providing competent and fully trained staff;
  • maintaining instruments and equipment to manufacturers and industry specifications;
  • managing staff and resources to meet client needs;
  • keeping up to date with latest developments in instrumentation, computer hardware, surveying and office software, communications; and
  • ensuring all staff are familiar with and maintain the company policy.
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Dencon Surveying | Surveyors Sydney
The Future

The future for Dencon sees the company consolidating its expertise in specialised surveying needs. It sees itself providing solutions and ideas to otherwise daunting and difficult tasks. It would like to expand in the field of I.A.A.F. certification of sporting complexes and offer consultancy in the design and construct of sporting venues. It looks forward to expanding its expertise in High Definition Surveying using laser scanning, especially in the area of industrial plants, refineries, etc. Information Technology and Geographic Information Systems can well be served now and well into the future by the expertise in surveying and data acquisition the company has accumulated.

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